Name Type Description
Id integer

Id of the Tenant

AppId integer

Application Id this tenant belongs to

DisplayName string

Name displayed in Application

IconUrl string

Url to the Icon/Avatar to display in the Application

IconUrl32x32 string

Url to the Icon/Avatar to display in the Application

SplashUrl string

Url to the Splash Image for the Tenant, displayed when it is the chosen tenant

Url string

Url of the Site for the Tenant to load on start up

Disabled boolean

True if the Tenant is disabled, won't be sent to the Application. Users with this Tenant Selected will revert to Master App

Hidden boolean

Not Displayed in List, but Available for use

DisplayOrder integer

Relative number to specify the order the Tenant is displayed in the listing

CreateDate date

Date the Tenant was created

FooterUrl string

Url of the Footer for the tenant

ShareContent string

Content to be used when the 'Share' button is tapped within the app. If null or empty the share button will be hidden. Typically this is the BranchUrl

BranchUrl string

Url for the Branch Deep link to open the app to this tenant

Description string

Description of the tenant app

FacebookLink string

Social Media Link : Facebook

TwitterLink string

Social Media Link : Twitter

LinkedInLink string

Social Media Link : Linked In

GooglePlus string

Social Media Link : Google+

Phone string

Phone Number

SupportEmail string

Support Email

SupportSite string

Support Web Url

IonicTemplateId string

If the ionic template supports multiple design for the tenant. (Id is based on the template).

Source string

The location of the tenant when it was created.

Category string

Category of the tenant : Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Book & Reference, Business, Catalogs, Comics, Communications, Dating, Education, Events, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Games, Health & Fitness, House & Home, House & Home, Kids, Libraries & Demo, Lifestyle, Magazines & Newspapers, Maps & Navigation, Medical, Music & Audio, Navigation, News & Magazines, Parenting, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Reference, Shopping, Social, Sports, Tools, Travel & Local, Utilities